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How to screen a new market opportunity
Partnerships between enterprises
How to empower customers
How to build a customer facing organization
How to differentiate your business
How to use great content for marketing
Competitive analysis of birthday party planning business
Branding in the packaging industry
Advertising and marketing for John Tucker Must Die movie
Yahoo abandons search
Marketing of Bubble movie by Hollywood is innovative
Embedded advertising from Comcast
Boost for ecommerce and online shopping
Serve targeted ads
Major change in advertising on television
Paid on demand video may not have a bright future
iVideo to change media distribution and provides a new vehicle for marketing messages
Marketing strategy for personal care products for Hispanics
Delivery of content on cell phones
Self destruction by GM, Ford, and Chrysler
How to get free media exposure?
Major elements of a key account management program for an MNC
How to develop a key account management framework for an MNC?
Development of a tactical program for key account management
Refining a key account management program
How to develop a strategy for managing key accounts?
Strategic accounts management
How to identify key accounts?
Take advantage of unexpected events in business
Guidant slow in announcing recall of Ventak Prizm
Pfizer's mishandling of Viagra recall
Brand management on the Internet
How to leverage public relations (PR) for free exposure?
Reasons for higher drug prices in America
Tips on marketing to uninsured Americans
Curious Britney Spears fragrance success story
Lessons from failure to privatize Social Security
Embedded advertising case study
How to decide which conferences to attend?
How to use market research data in strategic planning?
How to maximize exposure of your press release?
How to develop a public relations strategy?
Guerilla marketing techniques for B2B space
Apple Computer changes strategy and will provide luxury for the masses
Tips on improving customer service
Advertising strategy for prescription drugs
How to develop a customer centric business model?
Search advertising market getting over-crowded
Lessons in marketing from the demise of telemarketing industry
Advertisers still do not appreciate the marketing power of blogs
How to make the best use of business forecasts?
How to use the services of a search engine optimization firm effectively?
Blogging can be a great tool to market your company
Maximizing your customer relationship management (CRM) ROI
General Motors embraces embedded advertising
How to pick a market research provider?
Data mining of blogs to develop a new advertising strategy
How to develop an internal competitive intelligence program and when to hire a consultant
Principles and emerging trends in internet advertising
Protecting your email marketing programs from disruptive technologies
How to develop a search engine advertising strategy?
Local search marketing creates new growth opportunities
Customer relationship management that costs nothing
How to improve customer service?
How to market outsourcing solutions to mid-sized businesses?
Framework for determining outsourcing options
Why benchmarking is critical for survival?
Opportunities for innovation by small companies
eCommerce strategies for small businesses
The new e-procurement paradigm
Key account management for the small enterprise
Exploiting the Internet to generate new business 
eCommerce for the small enterprise
Why do we need supply chain management for enterprises of all sizes?
When do online marketplaces make sense for small and medium-sized businesses?
Impact of offshore outsourcing on American economy
A model for entrepreneurs transitioning from startup to sustenance phase
It's all about the customer, stupid!
Market research project design proposal format

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