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Archives from Third Quarter 2004

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Management Consultant Blog Archives 4Q/2004

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How to extract higher value from existing customers
Business opportunity to provide health insurance coverage to uninsured Americans
Blogging can be a great tool to market your company
How to get the maximum value out of your CRM investment?
Customer relationship management alone drives value
American competitiveness threatened due to lack of affordable college education
General Motors embraces embedded advertising
Growth opportunity available in serving the 30 million non-banking American consumers
Data mining of blogs as part of a new advertising strategy
Bath & Body Works provides "luxury for the masses"
Contextual advertising is a serious threat to affiliate marketing
How to develop an advertising program targeted at Hispanic consumers?
What can be learn about industrial design best practices from the Japanese?
Best practices in call center outsourcing
America on the verge of bankruptcy over the long term:  How can you prepare for it?
How to deal with the human resources issues of IT outsourcing?
Victoria's secret to success (business model transformation)
Productivity improvements impressive but inflation and rising labor costs are areas of concern
Affiliate vs. contextual marketing
Offshore outsourcing of pharmaceutical R&D: Why and how?
Hispanic youth marketing and advertising opportunities
Best practices in email marketing
Productivity improvement key to survival for American businesses
iProceed's 3Es of advertising:  Traditional advertising is in danger
How to identify new business opportunities?
American consumers cut back on spending:  How to respond with a new strategy?
Tax hike in 2005:  Businesses, prepare for cost pressures and lower consumer spending
Blogging guide for non-technical business professional
American consumers hurt, but still positive about the future
Americans become poorer: What does it mean for businesses?
Paid VOIP telephony: Dead before arrival
Disturbing trends emerge for advertisers targeting 18-34 males
Business bloggers wanted
Will biotech save American economy?
Apple's success in Japan has lessons for other American companies
Environmental and social risk management
Venture capital: Advice for entrepreneurs on how to seek it
Work more for less pay: A short-term solution to a long-term problem in Europe
Sell your technology: Options for developers to maximize value of a technology 
Banking sector: Business model transformation?
Wisdom economy: What do we need to transform America into one?
Search engine advertising:  Google and Yahoo win.  Advertisers need to rethink strategy
Pharma & biotech R&D: Growth opportunities in outsourcing solutions
Automation of creative design:  Opportunities and challenges
Online ad clutter bothers consumers:  rethink strategy and be creative
Key account management solutions for small/mid-size businesses:  Technology solutions
Code of conduct for employees of multi-national corporations
RFID is here.  What are you going to do about it?
"Virtual Borders" initiative: growth opportunities for technology-driven businesses
Advertising strategy may need to change as consumers dislike it
Strategy is interesting among business leaders
Local search marketing: Exploit it for growth
Knowledge workers everywhere
The Four Agreements and Work
IT still doesn't matter
Small businesses need help:  capital, human resources, and strategy
Favorite business leader:  Warren Buffet
Compete positively:  Five principles developed by iProceed for competitive strategy
Affiliate marketing as a new channel for driving growth
Customer is king? Which companies think so?
Micro-multinationals arrive!
Spoil your employees
China: Tech Superpower; Growth opportunities abound for businesses
How open should you be about your company's problem?
Finding people that matter to your business
What not to do as a business leader?
Business opportunities in homeland security
Ethics count when it comes to shareholder value creation
End of "knowledge economy"; birth of "wisdom economy"
Digital magazines to replace text magazines?
Treat your employees and customers right
How can small businesses compete with large corporations?
Advanced materials industries not growing in the United States
Growing your business online