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Review of After the Sunset movie

Salma Hayek and Pierce Brosnan on the poster of After the Sunset movieIt is a movie that looks like a James Bond movie but isn't. While Pierce Brosnan acts very much like 007 but the movie does not have all the juice. I watched it because Salma Hayek is a role model for Lorena.

Briefly, Pierce Brosnan (playing Max Burdett) and Salmay Hayek (playing Lola) are diamond thieves and have decided to "retire" in the Paradise Islands in the Bahamas. Lola wants them to enjoy their wealth and stay away from crime. An FBI agent (played by Woody Harrelson) still wants to catch them though and almost does. You can watch all the action-packed drama played out mostly on the beautiful tropical island and in the Atlantis Resort.

I would not call it a masterpiece but if you like action-packed movies and love watching curvaceous women, you will enjoy it.

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