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Venus Lingerie fashion show video

There are two types of fashion shows. The most common ones are held for buyers and the media. They are primarily business events. Then, occasionally retailers or designers hold fashion shows for consumers. Obviously they are a lot more fun. This lingerie fashion show is from the second category.

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Funniest videos from around the world

On an earlier occasion I displayed a list of humorous videos that were drawn from incidents in the United States. It doesn't mean that we are the only one to have a sense of humor or to have funny moments. Every day there are funny and stupid moments around the world and here is an automatically updated selection of these videos - you can visit this page daily to see new videos.

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Funny videos, stupid people

A friend of mine says, "The world belongs to stupid people; some of just happen to live in int." It doesn't matter what group you want to belong to, it helps to have a sense of humor and to laugh at ourselves. Take a look at these videos (updated regularly and picked using an algorithm) that are just plain odd and funny.

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Noodle spa treatment

Looks like spa owners have prepared personal care products out of every imaginable products including chocolate, vegetables, seaweeds, diamonds, and all kinds of salts. Now a Japanese spa owner in Hakone (one of the most beautiful places near Tokyo and I would strongly recommend that you go there) has started offering a noodle bath. Aha, we like Japanese noodles and also love our spa treatments; so this is a great combination.

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How to have an organic yard?

Like millions of other Americans, Lorena and I fight with weeds the way IT guys fight spammers. No matter what we do and how much we add all the stuff that The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (SMG) convinces us to buy, the weeds grow faster and taller than the grass. Then we try to kill the weeds either by pulling them out or spraying them with some more nasty stuff from Bayer AG (BAY), the weeds win. We have simply resigned ourselves to keep fighting a battle that we will never win but Wendy Bounds of The Wall Street Journal might be on to something: an organic garden (our limited experience in the kitchen garden has not been too successful). Watch this video to find out how to have an organic yard with green grass and no weeds. I am sure it is a lot of work but it might just work for you.

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Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson Oscar performance video

While American Idol judge Simon Cowell trashed Jennifer Hudson, she went on to win the Golden Globe and the Oscar for her acting talent. But let us not forget, first and foremost, she is a singer. When I recently watched her interview by Barbara Walters, I was blown away by her voice when she sang without any music at all right there in the middle of the interview with no preparation whatsoever.

So when she and Beyonce performed at the Oscars, it was a delight to watch them live. These two ladies are simply the best and it goes on to prove that American Idol is not a perfect competition. Watch the video clip below to see for yourself how good Jennifer Hudson is - we all have seen how good Beyonce is.

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iVision video eyewear review

Picture of an Asian woman watching video on iVisionLike most people I cannot imagine watching video (unless it is a very short clip that I must watch) on a cell phone or iPod or even a laptop with a small screen. To do that, I prefer a high-quality LCD or plasma television. Then there are other occasions where you would like to have a bigger screen but can't, for instance, when playing video games.

A new technology is allowing us to have large virtual display (as much as 48 inches) almost anywhere. i-Vision video eyewear is about 3-4 oz and costs just a few hundred dollars (I expect prices to drop in the future) and works with Xbox 360, Wii, iPod Video and Zune.

Wouldn't it be cool if we would carry one everywhere and there would be no need to use a projector at all.

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