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Bondi beach bikini photo shoot

Why is it that all the sexiest babes in bikini congregate on Bondi Beach in Australia? They always seem to have an excuse to be there. This time, as you will watch in this video, they tried to set a world record for most number of women in a swimsuit at one place. Not a bad excuse to have fun in the sun.

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How to wear gladiator sandals?

We find these gladiator sandals simply sexy. Plus, they can be matched with many different outfits, all the way from flirty skirts to jeans to formal dresses. That is exactly what many celebrities are doing.

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Japanese Elvis fans

Elvis Presley is one person that has universal appeal. And while I know that American music is very popular in Japan (despite the English language challenges of the Japanese), even I was surprised by the number of hardcore fans of The King. I am sure that it will surprise you as much as me that the second largest Elvis fan club is in Japan. These dedicated Japanese Elvis fans do what they can when they are not visiting Graceland.

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What to do in Niagara Falls?

If you can't go to see some of the most majestic waterfalls in the world, you must make every effort to visit the Niagara Falls. Both Lorena and I have made several visits and whether you visit at the peak of summer or in the middle of winter, it is a place worth visiting every single day of the year. Over the years, they have introduced a lot of new ways to "enjoy" the falls; now instead of just admiring the view, you can actually experience the force of the water. Watch this video to find out what all you can do.

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