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iVision video eyewear review

Picture of an Asian woman watching video on iVisionLike most people I cannot imagine watching video (unless it is a very short clip that I must watch) on a cell phone or iPod or even a laptop with a small screen. To do that, I prefer a high-quality LCD or plasma television. Then there are other occasions where you would like to have a bigger screen but can't, for instance, when playing video games.

A new technology is allowing us to have large virtual display (as much as 48 inches) almost anywhere. i-Vision video eyewear is about 3-4 oz and costs just a few hundred dollars (I expect prices to drop in the future) and works with Xbox 360, Wii, iPod Video and Zune.

Wouldn't it be cool if we would carry one everywhere and there would be no need to use a projector at all.

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