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Playing God movie review

I used to like David Duchovny in X-Files though he never did so well in the movies. "Playing God" is one of his better movies despite the fact that there is way too much violence - well, what can you expect? It is Photo of David Duchovny and Timothy Hutton for Playing Godmovie about gangsters.

Due to his drug addiction (supposedly acquired because of his desire to do good by working as much as he could to "save lives"), Dr. Eugene Sands lost his surgeon's license. Since he is a good surgeon but unable to practice, he ends up working for counterfeiter Raymond Blossom (played by Timothy Hutton), operating on gang members who get hurt during all kinds of gang violence. As anyone knows, it is not easy to leave the criminal word but Dr. Sands does and gets the girl (Claire played by Angelina Jolie) too.

I wasn't impressed with the movie nor with Angelina Jolie or Timothy Hutton. David Duchovny is the only one who has acted extremely well and comes across as a powerful actor. So if you are his fan, you might like it. And if you are wondering about the origin of the name, well, it is not a religious movie (the way "Defending Your Life" is not); it's just that at some point in his life a surgeon starts to confuse his role in saving lives with that of God.

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