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Aveda men shave cream review

I am like most men for whom shaving is a necessary evil. While I do like the feel of the skin after the shave, the process to get there daily is a painful one. That is why I like to get it over with as soon as I can. My simple routine for years has included a Gillette shave cream and razor though I do use an electric shaver occasionally (they come in handy when I am traveling and need to shave on a plane or in an airport lounge).

I did not think much about the role of a shave cream until Lorena gave me an Aveda Men Shave Cream as a gift this year. So what do I think? First of all, you will notice the difference right away since it uses mostly natural ingredients. You also won't get that thick lather you get from chemicals but the shaving will be smooth. And when you are done, you will feel the skin moisturized and soft.

Having said that, you will also use a lot more of the cream each time, and if you combine that with a 3X price of a Gillette gel, this is at least (roughly) 10 times more expensive, but definitely worth it.

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