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Rosa Mexicano Union Square restaurant review

During our last meal at Lincoln Center Rosa Mexicano, we were so impressed that in our latest trip to New York, we decided to have one more meal there. This time, however, since we were in the area, we ended up at the Union Square location. While it was not something we planned that way, this turned out be a much better location: the place is bigger, better, and more tastefully decorated. With high ceilings and a more open layout, you do not feel that you are dining in Manhattan. I particularly like the art that they have on the wall (shown below).

Image of a waterfall decoration at Rose Mexicano restaurantSince we were there during the weekend, we had a slightly differenct choice of dishes. While Lorena and I both chose tacos, she selected chicken tacos (first picture below) while I opted for cactus and Oaxaca cheese (it is melted) tacos. Excellent dishes.
Photo of chicken tacosPic of cactus and oaxaca cheese tacos

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