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Paris fashion week

It can be overwhelming to following all the fashion weeks but it is nice to follow what is going on Paris. I have to say that Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel did a remarkable job - dresses that are fit for those "power" girl moments. If you are looking for glamorous, red-carpet-ready dresses, pick John Galliano for Christian Dior. Valentino was at his best with yet another set of beautiful clothes. I found designs by Christian LaCroix and Jean-Paul Gaultier fit for a Halloween party (I am not kidding).

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Emmy awards red carpet video

While the best time to watch the red carpet action is the Oscars, you can always get some idea of the latest fashion by watching other events like the Emmys apart from all the fashion shows. Contrary to what many of us consider, Emmys this year were not second-rated. The celebrities were able to get the attention of designers by managing to convince many of them to give their dresses to them.

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