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Little Black Book movie review

Photo of Brittany Murphy and Ron LivingstonIf you had seen only one movie of Holly Hunter - The Piano - you would have no idea how she talks and how she acts when she can use her voice too as part of her acting. That is why, while "Little Black Book" is all about Brittany Murphy, but you also get to see Hunter in a remarkable role.

We all know that reality television is actually not truly "real" and if my life is any indication, life often imitates art, or should I say, it isn't rare that I find that my life is no different than one of those reality television "actors."

Something similar happens in this movie in which an associate producer, Stacy Holt (played by Brittany Murphy) for a reality TV program, ends up learning a lot more about her boyfriend Derek (played by Ron Livingston) than she can handle, especially when she gets hold of his Palm Pilot. Hunter plays the role of Barb who then puts everything on daytime television.

The movie is meant to be a romantic comedy/chick flick so don't expect a whole lot of profound acting and/or drama. It is a very light movie that will give you a few laughs and some tips on how you should not put your life in an electronic device.

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