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Bon Jovi LeAnn Rimes Till We Ain't Strangers music video

I have been a fan of Bon Jovi and find that he and LeAnn Rimes make a rather awkward team but in this video called Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore, they do make an interesting team. It is not a track that you would associate with Bon Jovi but it sure is fun to listen to -- not the greatest video to watch, though.

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Kebab rap in Turkey

I know that fast food vendors in Turkey are creative, but I meant to say that in the context of good business strategy. It turns out that all the way from fashion designers to chefs, Turkey has creative people. A kebab chef even has a rap single now. Here is the video:

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Frequency album by Naked Rhythm band

Imagine combining a German (Alex Spurkel), a Jew (Avi Sills), and a Lebanese man (Tony Khalife) and the group them together with bellydancers? What you get is a cool group called Naked Rhythm. The band has Photo of Alex Spurkel and Avi Sills of Naked Rhythmalready been embraced by Sting (who endorsed their album), Robert Downey Jr., and The Black Eyed Peas.

They just don't produce eclectic music inspired by many genres from all over the world, they also want to make the world a better place. We loved their music because it fuses notes from bellydancing (Lorena has taken some lessons and we both have taken ballroom dancing lessons) and other forms to create some interesting music. Reminded me of Hellogoodbye.

Their latest album is called "Frequency" and has been produced in collaboration with Djivan Gasparian, Abhiman Koushal, Brutha Los, Tony Khalife, Woroud Antabil, CC White, Cairo Orchestra, and Battista. Strongly recommended.


Hellogoodbye music video clip

One of the often told stories about the success of MySpace is that of the music bands that have found a wider audience there. Yes, it is true. One of the best things for people like us seeking something "new" is to search on MySpace. Today someone pointed me to a band out of California called Hellogoodbye. Now I don't know if I should call them an unknown band (considering that they have close to half a million friends on MySpace), but they have some really cool music. Check this clip out.

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