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Me Myself I movie review

If you or anyone you care about is growing through what is sometimes called as the "mid life crisis" (though many experts believe that there is no such thing), you might want to watch "Me Myself I" just to get a Photo of Rachel Griffiths in Me Myself I moviedifferent opinion.

Pamela Drury (played by Rachel Griffiths) is a homemaker but was an award-winning journalist. She has a good husband (but the spark in the marriage is gone) and three kids (who sure keep her busy). They also seem to have a good life. No surprise then that she feel there is something important missing in her life. She wants to be loved but her husband Robert (played by David Roberts) doesn't even notice her. The children demand so much from her but give rarely anything in return.

At that point she goes through a phase of introspection and reflection in which she contemplates what would have happened if she had not made the choice she made earlier in life. While the movie makes it somewhat dramatic, but in reality, she struggles with her own emotions. In the end she realizes that one can make the best of what you have and her life in beautiful any way.

Any woman who may feel stuck and ignored in a marriage, maybe having an extramarital affair is not the answer. Even a divorce is probably not the best alternative, even though it might seem like the easiest thing to do. Marriage is a long journey and one can complete it with a smile on one's face.

Strongly recommended. Watch it with your family if you can.

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