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Kim Basinger is great in Nadine

Photo of Kim Basinger as NadineThere are movies that you can watch to explore more complicated aspects of life, for example, The Piano or Defending Your Life, but there are others you can watch just to entertain yourself. Movies like Shadows and Fog, or View From The Top or After The Sunset. Nadine belongs to the latter category. I also chose it because Kim Basinger is a beautiful woman to watch.

Kim Basinger plays the role of Nadine who is ready to get her divorce from Vernon Hightower (played by Jeff Bridges). In the midst of doing the paperwork and moving on, she wants to retrieve some of her photos (the kind that you don't want to see on the Internet) from photographer Raymond Escobar (played by Jerry Stiller). There is a mixup as they try to get the photos: they get drawings of a highway while real estate developer gets her sexy photos.

Looks like everyone wants to make a quick buck and they are all running from each other and the cops. Lots of funny moments and a whole bunch of laughs later, the couple realizes that they like each other more than they think they did. Recommended when you just want to be entertained.

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