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Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson Oscar performance video

While American Idol judge Simon Cowell trashed Jennifer Hudson, she went on to win the Golden Globe and the Oscar for her acting talent. But let us not forget, first and foremost, she is a singer. When I recently watched her interview by Barbara Walters, I was blown away by her voice when she sang without any music at all right there in the middle of the interview with no preparation whatsoever.

So when she and Beyonce performed at the Oscars, it was a delight to watch them live. These two ladies are simply the best and it goes on to prove that American Idol is not a perfect competition. Watch the video clip below to see for yourself how good Jennifer Hudson is - we all have seen how good Beyonce is.

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Learning from Jennifer Hudson

Photo of Jennifer Hudson after the Golden GlobesI am sure you have had a chance to work with one of those idiots who know it all - the ones that write your performance reviews and say that you are good-for-nothing or not (whatever) material or that you can't be promoted, or even worse, let go. One of such obnoxious people that I know of is Simon Cowell, the host of American Idol. He told Jennifer Hudson (Photo: Golden Globe® Awards 2007 - © MMVII Hollywood Foreign Press Association® "© HFPA" and "64th Golden Globe® Awards") that she was just not good enough.

Guess what, she won the Golden Globe, and I wouldn't be surprised if she continued to do well as an actor and singer and win more awards too. Cowell did realize his mistake when Hudson put up a stellar performance on the Oprah show. He apologized, "I'd like to be the first to admit a massive dose of humble pie. That was extraordinary Jennifer and I feel very proud of you. I feel we had a very small part in what's happened in your life--please thank me when you get your Oscar."

Hudson, on a different occasion, said, "Who cares what Simon Cowell has to say?"

So the message here is that idiots have a hard time keeping their mouth shut but you must keep your ears closed when idiots talk. I am so proud of Jennifer Hudson and hope that she can be a role model for anyone out there who has been discouraged by a colleague or friend or family member.

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