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Review of Shadows and Fog movie

When a movie is not really retro but is made to look like one, what title should it get? I think that is the question I am asking about "The Good German" (starring Tobey Maguire, George Clooney and Cate Blanchett). Watching an interview of George Cover of the movie Shadows and Fog with Woody AllenClooney, I also learned that they also used some old lenses to get the right effect (watch the trailer below).

There is another movie that takes a similar approach: "Shadows and Fog." I can watch any movie starring Woody Allen and that is how ended up watching this one. While not very successful or popular, if you enjoy his acting, this is another movie that I recommend. The movie is based in the 20s in Europe and Woody Allen plays Max Kleinman, a timid clerk, who has no choice but to volunteer to find a killer on the loose in the town. Almost all the action happens in the course of one night.

If you are a fan of John Malkovich like me, you will like his small role in the movie as a circus clown whose core strength is being polyamorous. Mia Farrow plays the role of Irmy who works in the circus too but leaves her boyfriend Malkovich when he is caught cheating on her. Max and Irmy have their share of adventures through the night.

It is a light comedy with several important underlying messages about life delivered with a sense of humor characterized by Woody Allen.

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