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Review of Frigidaire refrigerator

Photo of a stainless steel Frigidaire refrigeratorOnce our 10-year old refrigerator started to make a little more noise than we liked, we knew it was time to change. What I expected to be a rather simple process of placing the order and being done with it turned out to be a complex exercise with trips to retailers like Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears, and Ikea.

Once we started to look at the choices, we realized that it was not going to be just a simple replacement of what we had. We actually were tempted by the stainless steel options. There was a catch, though - we wanted the one with stainless steel on all three sides since we do not have a built-in spot for a refrigerator (we can actually see one side from our family room). The most beautiful model was from Samsung but it was an inch taller than the space we had and the other models had only white or black on the sides (that looks so ugly). There were a few that had a faux stainless steel finish on the side.

We waited for a few more weeks and continued to make rounds of the stores until we found one from Frigidaire at Lowe's. It had everything that we wanted and it fit. It is home now and we like it, though, it does make a little more noise than we like. I guess some day we will have truly "silent" fridges.

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