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I like the Umbrella Draining Solution

Photo of the umbrella draining solutionWhile I may not be the etiquette expert like Kathy Hilton, but there is something that bothers me: when people walk indoors (on inside my car) with their wet umbrella, they mess up everything. They wet the floor (even spil a good carpet), leave stains, and make the floor dangerous for others to walk.

The Japanese have a system to deal with it. When you visit someone's home or an office, there is a place next to the door where you can park your umbrella. By the time you are ready to get out, your umbrella is dry.

In public places like department stores or malls, you will notice a contraption next to the door. It looks similar to the plastic bag dispenser in the groceries section of the supermarket. You insert your umbrella and it is now wrapped in a plastic bag that collects all the water. When you are ready to go back into the rain, just throw the plastic bag in the garbage. Safe, polite, and convenient.

Now one company has Picture of a car's interior with the umbrella draining solution being usedcome up with a very clever solution to this problem: an umbrella draining solution (UDS). I also like this design because it fits so nicely in your car too. I feel like mailing it as a gift to some of the biggest offenders I know.

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