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Kung Fu Panda movie review

Kungfu pandaI love to watch animation films and it took me a while to get to "Kung Fu Panda" but I am glad I did. It is an excellent movie that you can watch with your family.

The plot is intriguing and the visual effects are remarkable. Obviously, there is a powerful underlying message that is important to kids as well as adults.

What I got from the movie is that there really is no magical power or secret to success (I am obviously excluding being born to rich and/or powerful parents) other than believing in yourself and doing the hard work.

Po (Jack Black) is a panda who leads a mundane life as a family owned restaurant worker but making noodles is definitely not what he wants to do his whole life. What he really wants to do is to be kungfu master. By a stroke of good luck, he is selected to be the Dragon Warrior (the best in kung fu) who must fight Tai Lung (Dustin Hoffman) to protect the people of the Valley of Peace. For a food-addicted, overweight panda, the journey is a tough one but he realizes that when he realized that he had power, he had enough to defeat the evil snow leopard warrior. He is then accepted as the supreme master by the people.

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