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Sono pazzo di Iris Blond Review

I find the Italian movies extremely funny because just the gestures of the Italians make me laugh (and I am glad that they retained the original Italian dialogues, rather than dubbing it, which is so unnatural). After watching "Life is Beautiful," this is another beautiful Italian movie that I have watched and I strongly recommend it.

Sono pazzo di Iris Blond (also translated as "I'm Crazy About Iris Blond" and "Mad About Iris Blond") is the story of a Italian man, Romeo Spera (played by Carlo Verdone), going through mid life crisis. A tarot card reader tells him that he will meet women whose names will mean flowers and they will be creative. First, Photo of Claudia Gerini and Carlo Verdonehe ends up with a Marguerite, a Belgian singer, who loves her dog more than she does him. Frustrated, he falls in love with a much youngr waitress, Iris (played by Claudia Gerini, who also composes as a hobby and sings in a church choir). Seeing a lot of potential in her, Romeo, who is an excellent musician, trains her and eventually forms a band with her: Iris Blond and the Freezer. Their music is not only hip, they also choose to sing in English (Romeo thinks that English is more musical language and you can get away with racy lyrics in English).

The band is a big success but Iris gets an offer from a European music company. They want her but have no need for Romeo. He expects that Iris, who was a mere waitress before he turned her into a singer, will never take that offer, but she does.

It is a hilarious movie and Claudia Gerini is not only pretty, she is full of life in this romantic comedy. If you love foreign films, this is a good one to watch.

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