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Company review

We now have enough evidence in all aspects of life that no matter how much money you spend and how many smart people you have on your team, there will always be someone who will beat you. And they don't necessarily have to be smarter or have more resources. Let's take SPAM for example. On one side are a bunch of people working out of home offices in their basements (though there are so called "direct marketers" who have simply taken a more sophisticated name for the same task) and on the other are some of the largest, technologically superior companies. Business, crime and terrorism are some of the other areas.

Of course, we all pay a heavy price for this scenario, but it also allows Hollywood to come up with some brilliant entertainment. "Company" is exactly that. Here is a review of the program in which you get to see how the spy agencies often fail to get things done despite enormous resources. You get to see Michael Keaton, Alfred Molina and Chris O'Donnell at their best.

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