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Bondi beach bikini photo shoot

Why is it that all the sexiest babes in bikini congregate on Bondi Beach in Australia? They always seem to have an excuse to be there. This time, as you will watch in this video, they tried to set a world record for most number of women in a swimsuit at one place. Not a bad excuse to have fun in the sun.

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Agatha Ruiz de la Prada swimsuit collection

These are the photos of some of the swimsuits that we picked from the collection exhibited at Cibeles fashion week in Madrid, Spain. And again like Mena, all of these swimsuits are highly wearable to any beach.

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Lola swimwear by Rachel Hunter

Nope; while launching the Lola line of swimwear, Rachel Hunter was not wearing a swimsuit, but she did have a bevy of models modeling a completely line of bikinis. Above are the photos of some of her designs at a fashion show in Australia.

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Miss Eath Australia swimsuit competition

Miss Earth beauty pageants are different from others. Apart from making women fight with each other to win the crown, they also draw attention to climate change. Here are the photos from the Australian competition of the swimsuit part.

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Fishkini or bikinis made from fish skin

If you are trying to figure how to dress for the beach, how about some environmentally friendly ways to do it. For instance, you can now buy a fishkini (a bikini made from fish skin) made from the skins of tilapia fish. In the past it has been thrown away but now it can be processed to turn into water-proof leather. Anything we can do to fight waste. And yeah, don't forget the bamboo robe.

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