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Christmas eve dinner menu and recipes

Like all of our meals, we relied heavily on use of organic, fresh vegetables and tried to keep the calories to a minimum for our dinner.

The appetizer was zucchini rolls. They are very easy to make. Simply cut thin stripes of zucchini and then grill them till they are soft. You can stuff them with anything you like but we used goat cheese with salad greens. Simply role it up and insert a tooth pick to hold them in place. here is how they look.
The salad was also made from grilled vegetables (Japanese egglplants and bell peppers) and greens. We also sprinkled some walnuts and fresh mozzarella cheese.
The soup was made from mushrooms (like the cream of mushroom but without the cream - added just a little bit of milk). We added chestnuts puree for added flavor.
The main dish was shrimp with vegetables in a light, creamy sauce. We ate it with focaccia bread.
The dessert was pears poached in red wine. Here is the recipe for pears in wine. I like it chilled but you can also serve it warm.

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