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Shrek The Third movie review

Photo of the movie poster of Shrek IIISince we had watched both Shrek and Shrek 2, it was very obvious that we would end up in a theater to watch Shrek the Third. Like other animation movies, Shrek 3 is a fun movie to watch with your family. It is also pretty obvious from the plot that all the fans will now await the arrival of next in series.

This is how the plot develops. Shrek is destined to be the king of Far Far Away but that is not what he wants. He wants to go where he thinks he belongs: the swamp. When King Harold had died he had also mentioned the name of Arthur Pendragon, the nephew. No surprise then that Shrek sets out to find him so that he can take over as the new ruler. In the meantime, Prince Charming sees a window of opportunity to take over the kingdom.

When Shrek and Arthur arrive in Far Far Away, they realize that the kingdom is in chaos, the royal family is in prison, and Prince Charming wants to kill them all. In the end the movie, of course, ends on a happy note, particularly, with Fiona and Shrek becoming parents and returning to their swamp.

Here is also a video clip of Cameron Diaz (voice of Fiona) and Antonio Banderas (as the naughty cat Puss in Boots) discussing their roles in the movie.

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Over The Hedge movie review

Photo of the cover of Over The HedgeSince we enjoy watching animated movies (Grave of the fireflies, Nausicaa, Finding Nemo, Shrek, Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away, etc.) and that is what brought "Over The Hedge" to our family room. Insofar as technical aspects are concerned, the movie is extremely well done - DreamWorks does a good job at that.

As we debate whether global warming is even happening, I wonder if they also argue if suburban sprawl is happening. That is the heart of this movie. As we make room for bigger and bigger homes, strip malls, and restaurants, we are also making it difficult for animals to live (I know that for sure that I get more deer in my backyard than I want). So when a group of animals rise from their winter hybernation, they realize that almost all the land that they "owned" is now behind a hedge with a huge development. Their biggest problem is how to find food. The movie then shows the stuggle of animals versus men.

The movie starts off really well and has what we appreciate about family movies - pure fun that both adults and children can enjoy with some messages that everyone can take away. In "Over The Hedge," however, within 15 minutes or so you find out that it is a great movie for the kids but offers nothing substantive to adults. We still finished the movie because we want to appreciate the creativity of animation but unless you need to give company to your kids, don't bother with this one.

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Boyfriend School movie review

While I am yet to watch it, several of my Japanese friends filled me in on a remarkable tale from Japan: the story of the Train Man (Densha Otoko). This movie, supposedly based on a true story of a Japanese otaku (nerd or geek, especially if obsessed with anime, manga, or even computers/video games) who resembles our 40 Year Old Virgin. Knowing what the Internet is capable of, he gets enormous help from his online buddies on 2Channel, a bulletin board in Japan. These friends help him all the way from making the first contact with the woman he likes all the way to going on a date and making love. My friends tell me that they think that the guy is real because they know people like him (despite never-ending speculation in the country).

Photo of Steve Guttenberg and Jami Gertz in Boyfriend School movieThe "Boyfriend School" (also called "Don't tell her it's me") is a similar story. With no A-list stars, it is a romantic comedy that is fun to watch, even if you don't like Harlequin romance books. Gus Kubicek (Steve Guttenberg) is a nerd who has had extensive radiation therapy. He doesn't look or feel great but his sister Lizzie Potts (Shelley Long) wants him to date a journalist Emily Pear (Jami Gertz), who is really not interested in a guy with poor manners and no hair on his head.

Lizzie, who is writer of those trashy romance novels, is convinced that she could use her imagination to transform Gus into a stud. With The Swan type makeover, Gus is now Lobo, who has long hair (apparently he got hair extensions), rides a Harley Davidson, speaks with an Australian accent, and instead of pleading with women, has a huge attitude that makes Emily lose sleep over him. Like most chick-flicks, it has a happy ending.

Some think that the original book by Sarah Bird is so much better. I found the movie to be funny but there is nothing outstanding or remarkable about it.

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