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Delivering Milo movie review

Photo of Anton Yelchin on Delivering MiloWhile I am an optimist and hope that life will be great in the future, it won't be easy to convince a kid why she or he should come into this world. Wars (Read Grave Of The Fireflies movie review), global warming, and all the challenges that one has to go through just to survive makes it an unexciting place.

That is exactly the challenge an angel Elmore Dahl (played by Albert Finney) faces when he has to convince an unborn soul Milo (played by Anton Yelchin) to be born. The kid simply refuses to get himself into trouble. The solution is to send Milo and Elmore to New York City and let Milo enjoy all the wonderful things that the city has to offer, including a trip to Ellis Island or a visit to a toy store or even worse, a trip to Atlantic City. Elmore is less interested in the outcome but more important in hooking up with his old flames.

Like "Defending your life," the movie is not meant to answer any profound questions about life and death, but is a comic look at our life on the planet from the perspective of an outsider. While I recommend the movie, it is a fairly light and funny film. Don't expect to be wowed.

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