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Doubt movie review

Poster of movie doubtDespite being an agnostic, I spent major part of my school years at a Catholic high school. While I came across some wonderful nuns but felt sorry for them that they were wasting their lives for an imaginary God. Sadly, some of these nuns were apparently so sexually frustrated that they took their frustrations out on students. The best way to describe is to simply call it torture of kids in the name of discipline.

That is why the behavior Sister Aloysius Beauvier (Meryl Streep) did not surprise me at all. Either she is just sick of her life or hates the Catholic Church for mistreating its female staff that she decides to bring down parish priest Father Flynn (who had a very high coolness factor and played by Philip Seymour Hoffman).

I guess she engages in everything that I would expect the Bible to not allow but she is so enraged at her circumstances that she does it anyway. Sister James (played by Amy Adams) as a young nun watches in horror what really should not be happening in a religious institution.

A great movie for anyone who enjoys fine acting and wants to appreciate how #@#^& up religious institutions really are and how they manage to take people for a ride.

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