Jay Dwivedi is a management consultant focused on strategy, market analysis, and business planning. Please visit my Linkedin profile for complete details on my background and expertise. Previously he was with CRA International (at their Boston office) and Kline & Company (in Little Falls, New Jersey), working with Fortune 500 companies and helping them formulate strategies for their advanced materials (plastics, packaging, chemicals, metals, batteries, etc.) businesses.

After receiving his MBA from the International University of Japan in 1994, his past stints include Sealed Air Corporation in Danbury, Connecticut, and then he headed the technology group at their operations in Japan, holding responsibilities for both Japanese and South Korean operations.

The mission of this blog is to share his knowledge on a range of topics he is passionate about.

Jay lives in the Boston area with his wife Lorena. Write to him here just to say hello or to ask for help.

Below are the books that he has published:

Kindle edition of Key Account Management

Kindle edition of Key Account Management for Multinational Companies (MNC)

One Month in Buenos Aires