Geopolitical implications of global warming

NASA has uncovered evidence that an ice mass the size of California has simply melted away. All this time my focus has been on highlighting the risks associated with climate change from the perspective of businesses, and to a limited extent, what we can do as consumers to fight global warming, but it looks that there is a huge security dimension to the debate.

In that context there is an interesting development that means that business executives need to take this threat seriously since political stability is critical to business in a global economy. Michael McConnell, director of national intelligence for the United States, has ordered a study on geopolitical and security implications of global climate change. Indeed, the governments all over the world need to assess the risks, look at potential scenarios, and plan accordingly, but what manager of a business thinks that they can conduct business uninterrupted if there is political turmoil. And no, the turmoil need not be in your backyards. Imagine what happens if global warming causes a major natural catastrophe in China? The whole supply chain will be disrupted.

The message is clear: Global warming will not spare you even if you think that it is not happening and it is your duty is a responsible manager to assess its impact and put a strategy in place to deal with it.