Not your dental clinic; but a spa

Photo of two couples smiling and showing their perfect, white teeth
One of the major reasons for the boom in plastic surgery has been that a trip to a clinic is nothing like a visit to the hospital. Plastic surgery is now performed in spa like settings. Many high-end clinics actually partner with local limo companies and hotels so that you never really get exposed to the dark side of a medical procedure.

A dental clinic in Los Angeles, Millennium Dental Spa, is taking a similar approach to your trip to the dentist. This place (not the use of the word spa) offers a spa atmosphere that includes scented candles and dim lighting. In the outdoor courtyard, clients can enjoy the mild year-round Southern California weather while listening to soft music. Clients have a variety of spa amenities that provide comfort and serenity such as: herbal neck wraps, aromatherapy oils, lavender eye pillows, paraffin wax hand dip, reflexology, scented refresher cloths, blankets, and memory foam dental chairs. They can also choose to be entertained with music on an iPod, or they can watch the DVDs or TV channels of their choice. For optimum comfort, a trained esthetician offers complimentary facials to revitalize the face muscles after a cosmetic dental treatment. Clients can also sleep through entire procedures with an oral sedative or IV sedation.

It is clear that Dr. Eddie Siman is setting new standards for dentists and I am totally impressed by his innovative approach.