How to fight jet lag?

Photo of a passenger sitting inside an airplane looking outside.
While I love traveling to Asia, it comes with one huge cost: jet lag. It is awkward to be awake/sleepy/hungry at ungodly hours. While it is not perfect (and I encourage you to speak to your doctor), here are a few things that work for me so that I get minimal jet lag:

    Before you get on your flight across several time zones, find out the meals that will be served. Adjust your meal before flying accordingly. For instance, your flight leaves at 6 PM and you eat your dinner at that time, it is better to have a light snack and then eat on the plane (even though the airline food is almost always inferior to home cooked food, though often better than junk food in the airports).
    As soon as you are in the air, adjust your watch to the time at the destination. Now also try to follow the schedule, at least approximately, to that of the destination. So while your meal may be dinner at local time but if it is lunch time at destination, think of it as that. Do the same for your sleep. It doesn’t always works perfect, so be flexible and do not stress out. When you are ready to sleep, pop a melatonin pill.
    When you arrive at your destination, try to follow the local schedule. Yeah, you might have one very long night or day but adjusting to the local time zone is a must.

It will still take you several days (to calculate the number of days, simply multiply by 0.66 the number of time zones you are crossing) to adjust, but doing this will help.