Need for air travel infrastructure in India

Recently Lorena and I traveled to vacation at the former Portuguese colony of Goa (now under Indian control) and we traveled from Chicago to Delhi and then to Dabolim Airport in Goa. While we had a fairly pleasant flight from Chicago to Delhi, once we arrived in India, we only faced chaos. It was obvious that while air travel in the country has exploded, the airports are inadequate to handle the volume. There are various new airlines (we flew on Air Sahara and Indigo and were pleased with both flights) but they have no infrastructure to serve their passengers. I am talking about basic things like space for check-in or waiting, clean toilets, parking, and ability to move passengers from the terminal to the aircraft.

The rapid growth in India is clearly good for the country but unless basic infrastructure is created, it will discourage investors. At the same time, it is great news for the construction sector which should find many growth opportunities in creating this infrastructure.