How to market to 18-34 males?

Men always dream of that magical love potion or a pheromone that would turn them into a chick magnet within seconds.

Alas, no such product has yet been discovered, though attempts have been made for as long as human civilization has existed.

No wonder then that companies try to exploit that weakness of men when they market products, particularly to that coveted 18-34 male segment. I have seen some very clever ads in magazines like Wired for Axe – at one time they even mailed us a copy of a naughty computer game with the magazine. Lorena got so suspicious that she wouldn’t even let me install it.

Watch this hilarious (How to create controversial ads?) commercial for one of the Axe products – one of the main goals of any advertising is to create such strong awareness in the mind of the consumer that when he is ready to make a purchasing decision, he can recall the brand name, preferably unaided (Emotional ads). Axe does that well.