The Front Page movie is for the news junkies

Photo of the cover of movie The Front Page.
So if you are a fan of Jack Lemmon (which I became after watching him in Some Like It Hot), you may want to watch “The Front Page.” It is also a movie for those who love the media business, though Citizen Kane is a much better retro movie to watch.

The Front Page (1974 version that I watched) is remake of what used to be a Broadway show. It was first produced in 1931 and then soon after in 1940 as “His Girl Friday.” There is another version “Switching Channels” that was released in 1988 but my most accounts that I have read the best version is the one from 1931.

It is a classic comedy that gives you a peek into how office life used to be in the 20s. While looking at Fox News today will tell you that media and government can almost be the same thing in some cases, it seems that in the 20s, it was one happy family that included the politicians, media, gangs, cops, and anyone else who could benefit from this alliance.