1 month vacation in Buenos Aires Argentina

Lorena and I love to travel but having a massive property in a Boston suburb that always needs attention, whether it is the greenery in spring/summer, or falling leaves in fall, or snow in winter, it is not always possible for us to get away for more than two weeks. And obviously, when we both worked for corporate America, it was unthinkable to leave our jobs for a month. Plus, as much as we might live a lifestyle of semi-retired people, we still need to work hard to operate our online business.

One thing that we have always wanted to do was to live in another country. We have lived in several countries but mostly in our 20s and 30s but despite the constraints listed above, we wanted to do it now. Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been on our list for a while and as part of our Lindisima.com business we also needed to get some country-specific research done. Eventually, after hiring a family friend to keep an eye on our house and contracting out leaf-clearing and snow removal, we planned a one-month trip in the month of November (the weather is not as nasty yet in New England and it is middle of spring in Argentina).

This was a big experiment for us not only in finding out if we could leave our home for a month in the hands of others but also to confirm if we could put in our regular 40 hours of work, plus immerse ourselves in the local culture and get to know the country. I am happy to report that everything went well and not only did we get work done (the best time to work is right after getting up and keep going till 11 AM seven days a week and then finding a few hours here and there) but we also experienced Argentina like the locals by living in a real neighborhood, cooking at home, eating out at restaurants where locals go, and of course, checking out all the tourist spots.

I also took copious notes during the trip and I am excited to say that I have now published my findings as Kindle book on Amazon with the title One Month in Buenos Aires. By the way, if you don’t already own a Kindle, I suggest that you get one, though with apps available for almost all mobile devices and computers, you can now read Kindle books without owning one.

This book should be used in addition to any other tourist guides that you might purchase. It is a story of our experience of navigating this great city.

Is Kindle Fire a good tablet?

If you want to surf the web and get stuff done, I suggest that you use a regular computer. If you want to enjoy high quality television programming, try watching a HDTV. If you want to listen to great music, play it on a Bose sound system. The point I am trying to make is that as cool as it sounds, it makes no sense to watch television on a mobile phone or surf the web on an iPod Touch unless you simply need to check an address or find a restaurant on the hurry. Similarly, a tablet is not meant to be used as a computer, television or music player. On the contrary, I consider tablets as entertainment devices when you are unable to have access to a laptop or television or music systems. For instance, while traveling. I started to look at owning a tablet to have it while going on short trips (as a content creator, I need my laptop to get real work done) or to have it floating around the family room to easily access the web and maybe put it by my bed to quickly access the web while having coffee in bed.

Since in my opinion, most of us do NOT really need a tablet, I consider them toys. I can read a book, maybe listen to music or even watch a video and definitely stay on top of news almost all the time. Due to the short shelf life of almost all electronic products and their value merely as toys, I never bothered with iPad or Xoom; they are highly overpriced.

Obviously, I was delighted when Amazon decided to launch Kindle Fire at a price point that is just right. You get a fairly high quality product with the support of Amazon behind it but it is still within that price range that if you have to dump it to buy another product a year or two later you won’t feel bad. Those were the reasons I decided to buy the Fire and I love it. It is important to understand that this product is not as sleek as the Apple iPad or other competitive offerings, but for the low price, it does almost everything pretty well. It is small, light, has excellent display and easy to use. Do not expect the same functionality as a laptop or television or music player but if you want to read ebooks, visit your favorite websites, and listen to music, it is awesome. I found that going to search engines and clicking on links and then following the links on websites was a bit cumbersome but then I realized that for doing so, I should simply use a PC. If you have needs like mine, and keep your expectations low for the price you are going to pay, you will love it.