Should I quit if the office environment is ugly?

Angela, writes, “I work as a team leader in a large corporation. I work very sincerely, calmly and am always ready to help everybody in the office. About six months ago, a lady joined as my supervisor. She has turned everyone against me, including my so loyal team members and manager. What to do? Should I quit the job because working in such environment is very difficult?”

I can understand your situation completely; I myself have quit twice when I realized that the working environment deteriorated to a point that I couldn’t do anything.

    First of all, you have to objectively and critically look at the situation to figure out what went wrong. I am sure you have given it some thought already, but if you haven’t, try to look at yourself and see if it was your fault in some way. Is she telling you something that you do not want to hear? Is this an opportunity for you to change or to adjust to higher working standards? If the answer to any of these is yes, then, this is a great opportunity to work on making yourself a better professional. We all think of ourselves as perfect but the reality is that only someone else can point out opportunities for improvement.
    Now, if you have concluded that this woman is jealous of your talents or sees you as a risk because she is not competent enough, you do have a problem. If you really like your job and have no option to quit right now, you can try to either mold yourself to suit her needs or even have a honest conversation with her to find out what you need to do to make her happy. There is nothing wrong with trying to change your behavior in order to accommodate your mean bosses because this is just the sad reality of workplace. You will never find the perfect workplace because something or the other will not be optimum.
    Finally, if you realize that it is not your fault, you are incapable of playing dirty office politics, and changing will not do any good, it is time to quietly search for a job and when you are ready, leave the job without drama. Life is too short to live through stress and a job is just a job. Let me know what you think and how things work out for you.