How Walmart lost my business?

I have said before that online shoppers should be allowed to buy on a website without being forced to register. What ecommerce websites have to recognize that if they are so awesome that people would want to buy from them again and again, they will beg to be registered, and if they don’t like you, it does not matter even if they were registered by force. They won’t come back.

This morning while researching to buy a TomTom One GPS Navigation System for my car, I found that Walmart (a company that I do admire) had a great price, but they wouldn’t sell it to me unless I registered and agreed to all kinds of spamming conditions. I looked around and found that Amazon had a matching price, and to my pleasant surprise, the shipping was free. For reasons mentioned above, I do have an account with Amazon since I shop there all the time. Walmart, not only did you lose my business today, it is very unlikely that I will shop there again ever until they sell it to me without forcing me to create an account.