Men’s Vogue dead

Picture of Daniel Craig on cover of Men VogueWhen I reviewed Men’s Vogue, I said that I was not going to subscribe it, despite the fact that we do subscribe to Vogue. Turns out I was not the only one with those doubts. The magazine, for all practical purposes, is now dead, with just two issues a year. They are victims of the same forces that motivated Christian Science Monitor to become an online only publication. I think we are reaching a point of no return with regards to digital media and those that refuse to change, may see the same fate as Men’s Vogue.

Obama infomercial review

I have NEVER seen an infomercial before (except maybe ending up on a channel by mistake) but I know that they work and can be quite effective. However, I chose to watch the infomercial by Barack Obama (and so did 26 million more Americans) for the simple reason that he has run his political campaign like a well-run company. Despite not having an MBA (he is a Harvard Law School graduate), he applied all the principles of business that even well managed corporations struggle to apply.

I have seen him use technology, advertising, marketing, and even finance in ways that politicians cannot even imagine. In other words, companies can learn a lot from him. The infomercial was done extremely well and there were a lot of facts presented but the biggest impact was emotional.