How to pair wine with food?

I have always enjoyed a glass of wine with my dinner (it also turns out that after water, wine is the healthiest and cheapest drink). As research has consistently shown, most people (yours truly included) have no clue what a good wine is. So as long as it tastes good, regardless of the price, that is a great wine. Using this very simple principle, we have discovered many great wines at incredibly low prices, particularly in France, where the choice of wine is overwhelming. Obviously, most of us do not have to become experts in wines, but it helps to know a little bit in order to impress guests (particularly if they are women) and to enhance the dining experience. Here is a complete set of videos to make you sound like an expert without having to pass the exam to become a sommelier.

Lobster quesadillas recipe

Mexican cuisine is probably my #1 favorite and I could literally spend my whole life eating it. And trust me, except may be for restaurants like Rosa Mexicano, restaurants (at least outside Mexico) are not the place to eat it. A typical restaurant in the US will simply use too much of fat and cheese making it an unhealthy choice. You can actually cook many Mexican dishes yourself and one of the easiest and most delicious dishes is lobster quesadilla. Watch this video to see how to make it yourself.