How to pair wine with food?

I have always enjoyed a glass of wine with my dinner (it also turns out that after water, wine is the healthiest and cheapest drink). As research has consistently shown, most people (yours truly included) have no clue what a good wine is. So as long as it tastes good, regardless of the price, that is a great wine. Using this very simple principle, we have discovered many great wines at incredibly low prices, particularly in France, where the choice of wine is overwhelming. Obviously, most of us do not have to become experts in wines, but it helps to know a little bit in order to impress guests (particularly if they are women) and to enhance the dining experience. Here is a complete set of videos to make you sound like an expert without having to pass the exam to become a sommelier.

How to make a good first impression?

It is sad that we rely so much on first impressions, whether at work or in personal situations. In almost all cases, we draw wrong conclusions about a person based on first impression. They guy who seemed shy the first time might turn out to be a great storyteller who can literally make you fall off your chair with his jokes. On the other hand, a smooth-talking business executive dressed in designer suits might turn out to be a criminal. We all seem to know this but still continue to judge people every single moment. In other words, there is no choice but to keep trying to make a positive first impression every single time we interact with someone. Here are a few tips: