Stephen Colbert Doritos advertising

Stephen Colbert played a great marketing stunt with his presidential ambitions. While we all thought that he would provide some much-needed entertainment to the process that can sometimes get bitter, many of us did not fail to notice how Doritos was part of the process all along. And these are not your usual commercials (Colbert has confirmed that Doritos is a sponsor) but a great example of embedded ads. In this episode, notice how cleverly promotion of Doritos is integrated into the content. It may sound sneaky but from a viewer’s perspective, ads like these on TV are much less annoying than those unwelcome commercial interruptions.

Damaskaya vodka

To the best of my knowledge, except for wine in moderate amounts, there are no health benefits of drinking alcohol. For women, when they are pregnant or nursing, they should not be drinking alcohol, though, the science on this issue is not final yet.

So does it make sense to target women by repackaging vodka in a bottle that makes it appear as if it were a perfume? I am not so sure. Yes, it might bring a new segment of customers, but cigarettes sold to women as if they were somehow less harmful than cigarettes for men were actually equally harmful.