Sunsilk Super Bowl ad

Marketing to women is different and as we have learned from building a community of Spanish speaking women, there is no better way of marketing to them than through someone that they can trust. That is exactly Sunsilk is trying to do by employing icons like Madonna, Shakira, and Marilyn Monroe. Dove has done a pretty good job of engaging its customers and Sunsilk is trying to do the same. The commercial itself is not very inspirational but the approach is a good one.

Pepsi Super Bowl ad

Pepsi and Coca Cola used to be heavy advertisers on television but as many of you must have noticed, their ads on television have all but disappeared.

To make things worse for them, I am sure you are as disappointed with their SuperBowl commercial as I am. Okay, it was clever to come up with a silent ad (with all the noise during the Super Bowl party, a moment of silence is welcome) but that is where the creativity ends. You watch the whole ad and then wonder what does it have to do with drinking Pepsi.