Ning community software review

One of the most common requests that our readers had was to be able to make friends with other women who share the same passion for health, fitness, beauty, and a richer lifestyle. We wanted to find the right software to make that happen. After all, this year alone, we attracted over 10 million visitors and have as many as 20,000 women who subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

After extensive research, we found that Ning was the best alternative for us. It has almost all the features that a social networking website should have (imagine being able to provide like functionalities?) but it is ideal for companies that do not have in-house IT personnel. In other words, we never have to worry about upgrades, bugs, phishing attacks or hackers. Plus, there is no limit on how many members you can have, which was a critical point for us.

The installation was very easy and while hosting a community on their website is free, we chose to host it on our own domain and run our own advertising. The cost to do that is minimal, though we will need to pay separately for bandwidth, which is not an issue for us. So please visit Club Lindisima and take a look.

Do I need a life coach?

We can all use some guidance and support all the time. That is why the first thing that you can do at work is to find a mentor. Several companies have formal programs in place for executives at all levels to assign a mentor, but you don’t need a HR-managed program to have a mentor. I am sure that you admire someone at work (the most important rule is not to pick a mentor who is also your direct supervisor) and if you approach this person to mentor you, most people will be flattered and will readily agree. Agree on a time commitment. Typically once or twice a month is good. Use this person to bounce off ideas, discuss how you can improve and go ahead, and get insights into what your employer values.

For other aspects of your life, get a life coach. Here is a nice interview of Terri Giosia, who shares her thoughts on who needs one and what she or he can do for you. It is money well spent.