Never drink bottled water again

If you are looking for a real-life case study of “sell ice to Eskimos” story, it is the bottled water industry (I am talking specifically about the United States alone because I have not had a chance to study water quality elsewhere, though, I suspect that it should be the case for most of the industrialized world). Study after study has shown that we have some of the cleanest water that is technologically and economically feasible but still through aggressive, misleading advertising, bottled water companies (and filter manufacturers) were able to convince millions of Americans that they should drink only bottled water and install filters in their homes.

We already pay a lot for our water. We get bills for our water supply at home and water available at public faucets is paid for by our taxes and/or fees. In other words, our towns are required by law to guarantee safe drinking water according to standards set by various agencies. Could the water be even cleaner? Absolutely, but I don’t think it is needed. Drinking highly filtered water simply lowers your immunity and may even deprive of you of some of the naturally available minerals.

Finally, water bottlers will disclose what some of us have known for years that the water in bottle (which in many cases costs more than gasoline and milk, and definitely many other beverages in the supermarket) for which you paid a fortune is simply the same water that you could have got from your own tap. So just buy a high-quality polycarbonate bottle, fill it up before you head out of the house (I am still reluctant to drink water from a public fountain because I have seen too many men not wash their hands in the restroom and then go touch the fountain outside), and never pay a penny again to a crook who tries to sell you drinking water. Plus, it is an environmentally friendly way. Most of these plastic bottles do not get recycled.

Don’t use Blackberry in a church

The latest study by AOL says that Americans are addicted to email and while a big deal is being made about the fact that 60% of Blackberry owners check their emails in bed, what surprised me more is that 12% email in church. What a shame!

Like most people, I read, watch television, and chat with my wife in bed (apart from sleeping and sex), and therefore, checking email in bed is nothing to talk about. However, church (or any other place of worship) should be an opportunity to leave everything else behind and focus on the spirit. If you are addicted to your email so much, don’t waste your time in the church; use that time instead to sit down on your desk and take care of your email. That will be so much better.