Britney Spears markets Midnight Fantasy

Photo of Britney Spears for marketing of Midnight Fantasy fragrance.
While Kevin Federline stars in a successful ad campaign for Nationwide, following in the footsteps of her marketing of Curious Britney Spears fragrance, and embedding her promotional message in a Christmas clip, Elizabeth Arden, Inc. and Britney Spears are doing it again for the Midnight Fantasy fragrance.

In a move that is clearly designed to draw her young fans, they can go to her website to customize a message from Britney Spears. Through some very clever use of technology, it is not just a generic message, you can actually build a short story. And if you are offended by the sultry tone of her voice, consider yourself “old.”

Like “John Tucker Must Die” and “Ugly Betty,” I am seeing some very creative marketing campaigns from entertainment companies.