West Side Story movie relevant even today

West Side Story the movie
Some Like It Hot” and “Vampyros Lesbos” are two retro films that I have talked about as I enjoy a few of them in my quest to understand the past. This time let me talk about “West Side Story.” The fact that the movie was awarded as many as ten Oscars tells you a lot about the quality of the movie, but I did have some other thoughts as well.

    I have acquired a taste for musicals only after I watched “Chicago.” Prior to that I thought musicals were as boring as Bollywood films. However, “West Side Story” belongs to the same class as “Chicago.”
    Lorena, who also does not like musicals (particularly those inspired by “Romeo and Juliet”) kept saying that it reminded her so much of telenovelas (Spanish soap operas popular in Latin America) – they are stupid, fantasies, and devoid of any intellect. Indeed, there are parts where you would feel that, but if you remember that this is a musical (with all the associated drama and emotions), you will appreciate it.
    While the movie was made in 1961 and highlights the challenges of interracial dating, integration of new migrants in the United States (despite the fact that they were not illegal, but the language and culture difference made it hard), and meaningless gang violence – what struck me the most was that not much has changed since then. All of these issues are still so relevant to our society even today. And I can say that from personal experience, being one of the small percentage of interracial couples in the country.

I particularly liked acting by Natalie Wood, Rita Moreno, and Richard Beymer. Strongly recommended.

Should I use Google Base?

Google base
Google positioned Google Base as an alternative to eBay and other classified listing choices. We conducted a limited test of the service to find out if it would work for a content publishing company like ours. After publishing for over 9 months and approximately 400 articles, I thought that I can share some of our conclusions so that other content publishers can develop their strategy.

    There is no advantage to publishing something on Google.com – it is not indexed faster or ranked higher.
    It will bring no additional traffic to you than a page on your own domain would. Indeed, some pages do graduate from the Google base to the main index but so can a page on your own domain.
    The only advantage we found was that when people were specifically searching on Google Base (a feature that was not very popular – and was eventually taken off; Google now says that results might appear on Froogle and Google Maps), your articles are more likely to pop up than if the pages were hosted on your domain. Therefore, if you have a small website, you might find it beneficial, but for us (with over a million visitors a month), the number was too small to make a difference.

Why does this happen?

The popularity of a web page on the web is about linking and if your page on Google Base is not well linked, it will never move to the main index. Then why would you publish it there and not on your own domain?

While we may continue to list some of our articles in the future on Google Base, but I would not recommend that you use it (remember that I am only talking about news and articles category there and I have not evaluated other categories). The only time it makes sense is when you do not have your own domain – in that case, you shouldn’t be doing business on the web.