Comcast is not the only offender for poor customer service

Image of a Comcast employee sleeping at a customer's home.

Everyone of us has a customer service horror story and quite a few with Comcast (or whoever happens to be your cable service provider). In a recent case, a Comcast employee actually went to sleep at a customer’s location (the customer put the video above on the web) when he was on hold for close to an hour trying to reach his office. What does Comcast do? It fired the poor guy. While I can understand how unprofessional it is to pass out while you are a customer location, I don’t blame the guy. Over the years, not only from Comcast, but customer service is on the decline, especially when companies resort to outsourcing of customer service (no, I am not referring to offshoring).

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What should have Comcast done instead?

Take another look at how they are responding to needs of their customers (and employees). I can cite dozens of cases in which I was ready to place an order and I couldn’t get a response from the company (extremely long wait time on phone, no response to email queries, etc.) – and I am a patient person. While Comcast might relish its monopoly, for many other businesses, their competitor is only a click away.

Boston Scientific paying price for its idiocy

I was never convinced that Boston Scientific should get so desperate for Guidant. Not only am I opposed to M&A that are based on a CEO’s obsession with size, Guidant was a troubled company. And there was no need for any due diligence to find that out – the company’s troubles were known to anyone who bothered to read the news.

And now Boston Scientific’s lack of vision is coming to bit it. The company is now recalling even more pacemakers and defibrillators and the company expects even more recalls in the future.
Boston Scientific stock chart showing its pathetic performance.
And what did the company shareholders get in return for their $27 billion. Just look at the (stock performance since merger with Guidant) chart below (the stock is at a three-year low). And also wait for the litigation that is just getting started.

To me it seems that it is not another Merck-Vioxx story in magnitude but definitely in idiocy.