Disney to sell its movies on the web

Remember what a big deal was made when the movie Bubble was released under the day and date model. Well, there is even more trouble ahead for movie theaters, video rental companies (Netflix, Blockbuster, etc.), and anyone else who benefits from the current inefficiencies in the movie distribution business.

Disney and CinemaNow will now start to sell films over the Internet on the day they are released. The films will be made available on a download-to-own basis. Does it mean that no one will go to the theaters? No, but with the availability of better/affordable plasma/LCD television sets and home theaters, unless one absolutely wants the theater experience, chances are that a lot more people will skip the nightmare of being in a public cinema.

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Photo of movie tickets and popcorn.

Photo courtesy: Michael Connors

MySpace.com is not just for kids

So who are my latest friends? Take a look below. They include Dixie Chicks, Pussycat Dolls, Drew Lachey, and some of the other bands that I like.

List of friends on MySpace.com

How did I manage to hook with these celebrities? MySpace of course. In other words, don’t assume that MySpace is just for teens. As I played with it myself, I found it to be a great tool to stay connected with my friends and make some new ones. Imagine my delight when I “send” a message to a band I like and get a personal response. What a way to create goodwill with your fans (and potential customers)!

I still beat myself up for being late to the world of blogging. I started this blog exactly two years ago. I now regret that I should have exploited MySpace a long time ago. By the way, the link to my MySpace blog is only by invitation.