Webaroo launches a useless service

It is important to look at stupid business ideas because it enables you to learn from the mistakes of others. You would think that most people will not waste their resources on stupid business ideas, but let me tell you that there are people that launch businesses without thinking them through and they can sometimes find clueless venture capitalists to fund them.

I recently talked about Site Advisor – another ridiculous business – but before I could even recover from that shock, here comes another one. It has a ridiculous name Webaroo and it does equally ridiculous things like stealing your content and then selling it to consumers (I hope there are not many who will buy this useless product, but you never know).

In a world in which we are connected all the time at home and work and are rapidly moving towards a scenario in which you will be able to connect to the web almost everywhere we tend to spend a lot of time (malls, cafes, bookstores, – and even airplanes soon), Webaroo is designed for those people that cannot connect to the web. I wonder how many of these people are out there? From the data that I have seen anyone who has any interest in the Internet in the developed world (I am not sure if the company is targeting people in Africa) is already connected and those that value their experience have already switched to broadband. Those that need to access the web on a mobile device have also equipped themselves to do so. The ones that are not connected yet don’t give a damn to the web. Indeed, like the cell phone signal, there are moments that you cannot connect to the web, but then most of us are in those situations by choice – for instance, when I go camping. If web access was so important to me I would not go camping. And if I need to read the news or check on the weather or catch up on business emails, Webaroo is again useless.

More reasons for Webaroo being a useless offering

    It steals. It is only a matter of time that they will be sued and driven out of business.
    It also deprives content providers of advertising revenue while the company plans to carry its own ads while displaying their content. What an unethical way to make money! Though another very good reason to be sued by publishers.
    I sill have a hard time imaginig why anyone will surf outdated information (the company has not released details if it will strip the content of links; if not then people will simply get error messages).