Tivo will serve ads that we want to watch

I have been advocating that as TV viewership declines, particularly among the 18-34 male segment, advertisers need to look at other creative ways to get the message to their target market. As is well known, the major problems with our reluctance to watch ads on television that nine out of ten commercials are not for me. But that does not mean that I do not want to watch any ads at all. (Related article: Changes in television advertising) For instance, when I am in the market for a car, I stop to watch car ads. In fact, I buy magazines and visit websites to get exposed to as many ads I can. It helps me make a better decision.

So far, there is no way for advertisers to accomplish but a new solution from Tivo (a company that I starting to like – is it another Google in being creative?). The company is reportedly going to make it possible for its customers to watch the commercials they want to view.

Hey, I will even pay for watching these commercials!

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TV advertising is bound to change

The steady decline in TV viewership and more specifically advertising on television has been going on for a while. So it was interesting that media executives take one piece of data and try to convince the rest of the world that advertising on television still has an attractive ROI. It doesn’t.

There is a fundamental flaw with the argument being used by the networks. Merely because Tivo owners watch more television does not mean that they do it for the ads. The reality is that people who love to watch TV are also more likely to own a Tivo. If you watch television 5.7 hours daily, you must really love this form of entertainment. In fact, these people must come to hate commercials because they see them so often compared to someone like me who does not even watch 5.7 hours of TV a week.

So despite the powerful presentation from mainstream TV channels, I am not convinced that traditional advertising on TV will last too long. Like General Motors, it may be a good idea to consider product placements and embedded advertisements.

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