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How will net neutrality ruling affect my business?

Let me first explain in simple terms what net neutrality is and then analyze the impact on small businesses. Imagine a typical single lane road. Unless it is an emergency vehicle, whether an individual is driving a Ford Focus or Porsche, they don’t get to drive faster. Now, have you seen those highways in some states, like Florida, where certain lanes are reserved (particularly during peak hours) to vehicles that have opted to pay extra for the privilege to drive in them. A lot of people supported the idea that the Internet should be a level playing field allowing everyone the same privileges. So the blog of Jay Dwivedi loads up at the same rate as that of Hulu.

Under a recent court ruling, though, a company can pay extra to let its traffic move faster and ahead of others. So giant corporations can pay more to let their content load better and faster. Okay, fine, but not really if you are a small business owner trying to bring visitors to your website or ecommerce shop. If your website takes longer to load, not only will your visitors be upset and leave, search engines like Google will punish you for slow load times.

The only good news is that you will not notice the impact right away because of some very complicated situations. Also, things may not evolve in a straightforward manner. I am also hoping that website hosting companies like GoDaddy may offer packages for small businesses to speed up their websites, so that the only people who will be truly affected are people like my 15-year nephew who blogs about his hobby to document all the pandas born worldwide.

iPad the safest choice for tablet shoppers

After analyzing Microsoft Surface, iPad Mini, Kindle, Nook, and Google Nexus, my initial conclusion was that the iPad Mini would be the best choice for us once we balanced price, features, and performance. All along during the research, the only downside was the screen size that we were considering was too small, and it had been an issue with Kindle Fire. Of course, I just did not want to shell out the big bucks for a large screen.

So while checking out the Black Friday sales, Lorena came across a sale on Best Buy website (a company that I absolutely hate and had vowed never to shop again there after I got scammed by them) that was just too good to pass. For $325, we could buy iPad 2 and have the best of all the worlds: big size, an Apple product, and delivered free to our home after shopping online.

We have since had the tablet for a few weeks now and couldn’t be happier. The only thing I dislike is the poor quality images with the camera, but that just means we will take our real pictures with our Nikon SLR and keep this one for taking photos at the spur of the moment, for instance, a meal that we have cooked.