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Role of marketing in an enterprise.

How to grow my local website?

I recently helped an entrepreneur who operates a hyper-local business, essentially providing a service to elderly and busy people in a 20 mile radius. He was getting about 1,000 visitors daily and calculated that if his traffic could grow to 5,000 a month, he will have a real solid business. He wanted to know what search engine optimization and other tricks he could employ to grow his traffic. To help him, first of all I discouraged him from getting bogged down with driving traffic alone and definitely advised him to stay away from SEO firms that may drive traffic to his web site in the short term using black hat techniques, but in the long run his website could be blacklisted by Google.

Instead, I emphasized the importance of reaching a targeted group of consumers in that specific area. How would it help him if he received 10,000 visitors daily from Nigeria or Bangladesh?

    Contact local newspapers in the area that you cover to discuss how they can do a story on your business.
    Shoot a press release to local reporters/editors/bloggers.
    I know the feeling, but as reluctant as you might be as an entrepreneur with a tight budget, advertising is very effective for businesses like yours. Consider Google Adwords and Facebook ads, because what you want are not 5,000 visitors (they are worthless if they come from geographies that you don’t cover), but a very small number of potential customers, and that can be accomplished by local advertising. You probably already know about advertising in local newspapers, flyers, radio, etc.

Ivanka Trump Conagra Foods

Pic of Ivanka Tramp in a dress
I think companies have to be very careful when they pick their spokesperson. For instance, Rachael Ray is perfect for Dunkin’ Donuts, but I am not convinced that Ivanka Trump is the right person for selling microwave meals from ConAgra Foods to the masses.

Why? She just does not have the lifestyle of a typical office worker who should bring lunch from home to save money. I think her net worth is already into millions of dollars and may go up significantly depending on what she inherits from father Donald Trump and whom she marries.

So when she writes on her blog, “With gas and food prices on the rise, more and more people are skipping the deli line and bringing lunch to work to save money. This is great, but all I hear is how boring a brown-bag lunch can get,” it is as convincing as Paris Hilton advertising a laundry detergent.

BTW, bringing your lunch to work may not only be a money-saver but I do it myself for health reasons. Being very picky about the calories that I consume, I cannot continue with my dietary routine all day if I buy a meal at a cafe with trans fats and high calories.